Junior P - Script Development

New writer/director Stacey Swift found Reelscape through their common locality of Northamptonshire. Stacey sent Reelscape's Becky Adams a copy of his first no-budget feature Stabbing For Jesus - a gripping mockumentary with extremely convincing performances and an uncomfortable blur between reality and fiction.

Junior P (working title) is a drama feature film Reelscape is developing with Stacey, based on real events concerning a young couple in love who steal a million pounds from a bank, only to end up in court accusing each other of the crime.

Stacey has over 15 years' experience working as an actor and director on over 30 theatre productions ranging from modern playwrights like Berkoff through to Shakespeare. His production of Two by Cartwright, in which he also played all of the male roles, won him the Manchester Evening News Best New Play award. He decided to take the skills acquired in theatrical performances and apply them to filmmaking.

He has written and directed a series of low budget films from gangster comedies Home Leave and Thailand to the documentary-style religious satire Stabbing For Jesus, as well as the short political drama Tuhfah which won the Judges' Choice Award at Film Northants 2009.

Recently he has directed shorts Conference and Second Glance by writer James Vollmar which are both nearing the end of Post-Production and has recently directed short Timetable with Reelscape Community for Holocaust Memorial Day supported by Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Community Foundation.

Fortune Cookies

Family comedy feature Fortune Cookies from writer/director Brenda Lee is set to be filmed in Northamptonshire and at Elstree Studios in 2015, starring Fiona Rene, Meline Danielewicz, Daniel York, Liz Sutherland, Pik Sen Lim, Ozzie Yue, Jenny Bede and Les Dennis.

Fortune Cookies is a cross-cultural comedy similar to Bend It Like Beckham with the working class feel-good humour of The Full Monty, the dysfunctional family of Little Miss Sunshine, and the game show love story of Slumdog Millionaire for good measure.

You're a talented young actress on the eve of your big break. So would you turn down your dream stage debut to save the family business from loan sharks by appearing with your cringe-worthy family on their favourite television game show?

Cookies is the first British Chinese film of its kind with a female trio at the helm. It is an undeniably charming film, giving an insight into the eccentric family behind the counter. Ludicrous in places but with a genuine heart, the film is about the conflicts we all face with families, in relationships and with our dreams. It has an entertaining uplifting story, an exciting cast and many marketable features like its educational workshops for young people, regional production and diversity.

Originally optioned by a very famous Producer in LA, Writer/Director Brenda Lee decided to take the project back so that she could tell people this heart-warming eccentric semi-autobiographical story herself.

The Devil Went Down to Islington

Reelscape Films was an Associate Producer on feature film The Devil Went Down to Islington starring Spencer Brown (Nathan Barley), Sophie Colquhoun (Captain America), Olivia Grant (Lark Rise To Candleford), James Lance (Being Human), Mark Benton (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), Michael Smiley (Burke and Hare) and Ronni Ancona (Skins). This is the first feature film from director Dan Wilson and was produced by a new writer/producer duo Alex Martin and Rutger Wiltens. Currently in Post.

Working with the new producers, Reelscape helped them secure deals on equipment and locations, and introduced them to key crew members.

Devil goes down to Islington

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