Fortune Cookies is also seeking investors who might benefit from the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) an HMRC approved venture capital scheme, focusing on smaller, early stage businesses, offering tax relief to investors who subscribe to shares.

Relief is available at 50% of the cost of the shares, on a maximum annual investment of ₤100,000. The relief is given by way of a reduction of tax liability. A claim to relief can be made up to 5 years after the 31 January following the tax year in which the investment was made. If you have received Income Tax relief (which has not subsequently been withdrawn) on the cost of the shares, and the shares are disposed of after they have been held for at least three years, any gain is free from Capital Gains Tax.


Businesses can get involved in Fortune Cookies through sponsorship, benefitting from press coverage, bespoke video content, exclusive networking opportunities, staff development days, product demonstrations including stills, corporate days out and competition prizes, and also through product placement in the film and behind-the-scenes videos.

You can see education-related product placement in this behind-the-scenes video here.

Why not associate yourself with our community, schools and youth work in a joint venture with Reelscape Community?

Reelscape has previously secured sponsorship from the London Eye giving us free use of their cinema to launch Cookies and 100+ rides, financial sponsorship from for our Edinburgh show, Kodak, Laytons Wine Merchants, CARRIER-media and product placement from Brian Clegg, OTT Pouch, Hue HD Camera, Jackpen and Steelcase Solutions. We have achieved coverage in print, online, TV and radio. Highlights include appearing on BBC3's Red Button for the Edinburgh Fringe, featuring in Moviescope Magazine and numerous articles in the Chronicle & Echo, BBC Radio and our plug on Elstree Studios' website. We work with Hint of Lime PR.


If you are a community, youth, charitable or educational organisation that would like to get involved with Fortune Cookies or Reelscape Films' future work, or simply find out more, please contact us or Reelscape Community and we'll see what we can do!

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